Last Updated: May 9th, 2007
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We're pleased to have a presence on the world wide web and we hope you find our site helpful and easy to use. We hope you'll 'book mark' our site in your 'favourites' section and visit frequently.

We are a family business involved in livestock equipment sales and manufacturing for more than 35 years. As cattleman and farmers, our base has always been livestock handling and feeding equipment. In recent years we've expanded our product line to service Deer and Elk and Bison producers along with zoo keepers, to find our custom made equipment at Deer & Elk and Bison ranches and zoos all across North America. Our customers believe in our equipment; it's well made, easy to use and includes professional and courteous service. Please visit us again soon!

The Reid Squeeze is our trademark feature that we include in all our Deluxe Squeeze Products. The Reid Squeeze is only available from JK Reid Manufacturing & Sales Ltd. Time tested and durable. Contact us for more information!