• Environmentally friendly keeping the sow happier and losing fewer piglets
  • Allows the sow to move more freely within the stall, giving sow and piglet more comfort
  • Unique, original and humane design fits into a standard 5' x 7' space. Because of the many ways in which the Farrownest can be set up, the Farrownest saves space.
  • Feeder is completely out of the stall to allow more room for animals
  • Individual sides are reversible for long life of the crate
  • Patented design allows the sow to move during farrowing. The pigs frequently change positions between individual deliveries by standing up and turning around. The sow seems to be calmer and shows a higher degree of interest in her litter. (Research conducted at the University of Guelph, 1995 to 1996.)
  • Further advantages include: catching piglets easier; ability to manage health from walkway without entering Farrownest; and it is easy to clean

Generation II Farrownest™

There are three major design layouts available
  • Free Standing
  • Wall Mounting
  • Back-to-back Mounting
Each layout has its unique advantages to help save you space and time

JK Reid Hog Scale

This versatile scale can serve as a weighing and/or a sorting system.
  • Dial or Tru-Test Electronic readout.
  • Optional 2-way sort allows for sorting of pigs in 2 different directions.
  • Both doors can be worked from one end.
  • Saves time and space!


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