Horse Stalls

  • Box stalls can be freestanding or permanently installed
  • Custom sizes available from 8' x 8' to 16' x 16'
  • 1 1/2" square high strength tube
  • Metal frame can be painted or hot dipped galvanized (colours available: black, blue, red, orange or green)
  • Front spindles 1" OD tube with 2 3/8" spacing
  • Ends, dividers or backs can be solid or spindle top
  • Connectors are specially designed to allow stalls to be set up on uneven ground
  • No posts required
  • Feed hole at one end and fold down gate in door for horses head
  • Front of pen has 4' roller door, with the full top half of door filled with a grill of vertical bars
  • Doors roll on 4" poly wheels for easy opening and closing
  • Frame is covered with 2 x 6 lumber, plywood or 1/2" plastic with foam core
  • Horse proof latch with provision for secondary lock

Free Standing Portable Horse Stalls

  • Modular design allows layout to be interchanged
  • Can be installed as a square 10' box stall or 5' x 10' tie stall using the same panels
  • Custom designs and layouts are available

  • Easily dismantled and stored
  • Wagons manufactured by J.K. Reid make the stalls easy to store and transport
  • Ideal for Fair Grounds or temporary installments
  • Bright white poly board enables exhibitor to easily display horse
  • Panels are easily moved by fork truck or forks on a tractor

Freestanding Heavy Duty Portable Horse Hay Feeders

Combination Feeder
  • Can be used for grain or hay
  • 8' length
  • 2', 3' and 4' leg heights available

Wrangler Feeder
  • For round and rectangular bales
  • 2" round steel tubing
  • 1 3/4" round tube connecting sleeves

Bronco Feeder

Horse Panel with hinges

  • 1 1/2" round tube, 4 bars, 42" high
  • Hinge 3/4" threaded rod with nuts & washers
  • All round welded tube joints, including center tube support on 12,14,& 16 foot panels
  • No rough or sharp edges
  • Latch plate punched to accommodate 3/16" chain

Portable Horse Pen Panels

  • 1 1/2" round, 4 bars, 54" high
  • Connecting sleeves fit 3/4" standard rods or connecting bolts
  • No rough or sharp edges
  • All round welded mitred joints, including center tube support on 12, 14 & 16 foot panels
  • Latch plate punched to accommodate 3/16" chain

Portable Panels

  • For use as pens, corrals & trailer corrals, paddocks, hot walkers, lunging & exercise rings
  • Unique linking method eliminates the need for posts
  • End panel members penetrate ground surface for stability
  • Bottom struts prevent sinking and add strength

Portable Horse Enclosure Hoops

  • Enclosed hoops are used in conjunction with panels to provide easy access in and out of portable horse enclosures
  • Standard with chain latch, other latches available
  • Made to accommodate 4,6 and 8 foot panels
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