JK Reid Turn Table

  • Turn sheep over on their sides or completely upside down
  • One person can easily turn any size animal
  • Sheep can enter either end - gate at both ends
  • Nylon strap on one side helps to ensure no injury to the animal, yet allows you to restrain any size animal
  • Solid side adjusts up and down very easily to hold animal.

JK Reid Sort Panel and Scale

  • A unique sorting gate is used to close off runway then open to sort either left or right.
  • When opened left or right, solid back panel makes blind alley so animal will see open space only one way.

JK Reid Working Circle

  • An unique working circle allows sheep to enter from a final gathering pen
  • Entrance is controlled by a swing gate which applies constant flow maximizing the ability to pack sheep into working area
  • Sheep exit this pen into alley way
  • Walls are solid to direct the sheep’s focus toward the alley opening
  • 42" tall sidewall panels

JK Reid Sheep Scale

  • Dial or Tru-test Electronic readout
  • Both doors can be worked from one end
  • Saves time and space

JK Reid Lamb Creep Feeder

  • Allows adjustment of all bars, both horizontal and vertical to suit all needs.
  • Poly covered pipes roll easy to reduce damage to wool

JK Reid Lamb Grain Feeder

  • This 3’ or 6’ long feeder is ideal for starting lambs or kids on grain
  • Portable

JK Reid Combination Feeder

  • Combination hay and grain feeder can be V-shaped or slant bar
  • Constructed of heavy gauge metal
  • 4’ or 8’ long and 2’ wide
  • Also available in single line feeders

JK Reid Economy Off the Ground Bale Feeder

  • Eliminates hay waste
  • Up to 4’x5’ bale of hay can be fed from basket-type feeder
  • Animals have easy access to feed

JK Reid Portable Penning, Panels & Gates

  • J.K. Reid Slant Bar Feeder panel can be used as a feeder on pen fronts
  • No posts required...completely free standing
  • Feeder fronts
  • Pen dividers
  • Lambing or kidding pens

Collapsible Sheep Feeder

  • Difficult for sheep to pull hay out onto ground, wasting much less feed than other big bale feeders.
  • Sheep can't get inside the feeder
  • Adapts to any bale size or shape

14 Space Feeder with Polytub

  • Poly tub allows for quick cleaning
  • With or without floor
  • J.K. Reid 20 Space Feeder available

Sheep Foot Bath

  • Used in narrow alley ways
  • Ends lock together to make interlocking multiples for any length of bath

Poly Feeders

  • Simply drop feeder over wood rails or metal bar gates and it's ready to use
  • Keeps salt and feed off the ground and away from the feet and out of the bedding
  • Available in 1', 2' and 3' lengths

Sheep Fitting Stand

  • This blocking stand adjusts from 4" to 19" with help of the winch on stand
  • Wheels at front for easy transporting
  • Head piece and chain on adjustable headrest
  • Removeable safety rails




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