Paul Livestock Scales

Paul Livestock Scales - "Durable and Dependable"
  • 3000 Series: These scales offer capacity, size, and durability to accommodate all livestock including breeding animals.
  • All-steel squeeze side pen and removable hitch and wheels make it fit most breeders needs.
  • Pen has extra bracing to make it durable.
  • Pen has solid latch and adjustable squeeze side for holding the roughest animal.
  • There are many other models available with different capacities and sizes to fit the animal handler’s needs:

    Model #10 - 700 lb. capacity
    Platform 60" x 19"

    Model #20 - 2000 lb. capacity
    Platform 30" x 84"

    Model #240 - 2400 lb. capacity
    Platform 35" x 95"

    Model #30 - 3000 lb. capacity
    Platform 35" x 96"

    Model #303 - 3000 lb. capacity
    Platform 38" x 99"

TruTest Electronic Scale

The TruTest Electronics consist of indicator and load bars or an S-cell Indicators.


EziWeigh 2

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fine mode allows for weighing small animals
  • Zero out weight in 3 seconds
  • "Auto Zero" ensures any accumulation of material on scale/crate is zeroed out
  • Hold key retains displayed weight after releasing the animal being weighed
  • EziWeigh 2 has internal rechargeable battery that provides 8 hours of continuous weighing


  • Fully EID Compatible
  • Remembers or records up to 10,000 individual animal records
  • Alpha-numeric keypad for naming files, entering animal codes and ID numbers
  • 12 character code field for recording additional information
  • Average daily weight gain function


  • Allows up to 50,000 individual animal records.
  • Animal history table provides full history including birth weight, treatment, and birth rates.
  • Build customized reports
  • Eight 25-character life data fields with cross reference for recording dual ID numbers and animal characteristics such as breed, sex, sire and dam
  • streamlined and efficient collection of data with automatic incrementing and repeating of commonly occuring data


MP Series - Multipurpose Loadbars

  • Designed for use under platforms, crates, and cages.
  • Easily transported from site to site.
  • Need firm, level surface
  • MP 600 - 23" long, 4400 lb. capacity
  • MP 800 - 32" long, 6600 lb. capacity

HD Series - Heavy Duty Loadbars

  • Designed for permanent installation under manual squeeze chutes.
  • Unique footing absorbs side loading forces which can occur, preventing damage to the scale.
  • Coated to resist corrosion.
  • HD850 - 34" long, 6600 lb. capacity
  • HD1010 - 39" long, 6600 lb. capacity

Suspension Cells

  • Used instead of loadbars and connect to indicator to measure hanging weight such as carcasses and live calves.
  • Can be used to upgrade or convert an existing mechanical scale to an electronic system.

JK Reid Hog & Sheep Scale

This versatile scale can serve as a weighing and/or a sorting system.
  • Dial or Tru-Test Electronic readout.
  • Optional 2-way sort allows for sorting of pigs or sheep in 2 different directions.
  • Both doors can be worked from one end.
  • Saves time and space!


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