JK Reid Hydraulic Squeeze

  • Hydraulic controls on stationary or moving side
  • Two doors on both sides to access neck or body in squeeze position
  • Pressure control and gauge on squeeze cylinder
  • Catwalk on both sides
  • Vertical lift - 24"
  • Travels 72 on squeeze side, allows for 6 wide unobstructed opening to prevent velvet damage
  • 40" hi-density foam pads with heavy vinyl
  • Side curtains restrict animals view while allowing the handler to have access to the restrained animal
  • Weight - 1650 lbs.
Hydraulic Squeeze in closed position Additional Padding Semen Collection Door  
Double speed travel, hydraulic head restraining pads, long life tear resistant padding, curtains behind operator, semen collection door, front and back roller doors, 2" padding between top and bottom pads, sliding steel doors in place of vinyl curtains, stationary or portable models available.

JK Reid Tamer Jr.

The Tamer system reduces the need for immobilizing drugs, but still provides safety for all types of veterinary procedures.
  • Economical drop floor chute handles Fallow Deer, Whitetail Deer or small species of deer
  • Allows easy access to the animal through the drop sides and split front door for both safety of animal and handler
  • Side swings out wide to give easy exit of animals
  • Approximately 500 lbs, 60" long x 48" wide x 84" high
  • Ramps and complete handling facilities available
  • Extra wide top for antlered and horned animals

JK Reid Tamer I and II

  • Fully adjustable for most deer and antelope frame sizes
  • Quick release floor
  • Heavy duty for years of service
  • Self locking sliding side panels
  • Allows easy access to the animal through the slide doors and split door for both safety of animal and handler
  • Simple adjustable drop width to allow range in animal sizes
  • Extra wide top for antlered and horned animals
All the great featues of the TAMER with:
  • Special side adjustment for handling exotic zoo animals such as Antelope

TAMER I and TAMER II Options:
  • Ramp
  • Jack for tongue
  • Wheels
  • Plywood on bottom of adjustable side
  • Kick Pad

JK Reid Dunlap Deer Chute

This all metal unit is an economical way of handling Red Deer or smaller species of deer. Both sides squeeze in to control the movement of the animal. The bottom width is adjustable and so are the side rails to help prevent the animal from going down. Weight: 300 lbs; 50" x 48" x 24"

JK Reid Swinger and Slider Handling Systems

MODULAR SYSTEM - Specially designed equipment for your needs
  • Modular system is completely interchangeable
  • 4', 5', 6' widths, 8' or 10' height
  • Constructed out of 1 1/2" square high strength steel, 4' of wood on bottom
  • Heavy duty roller system on sliders
  • Can be custom built to order
  • Swing doors push the animal into the next section
  • Connector to allow for uneven ground
  • Easy set-up

Swingers and sliders are designed to work in conjunction with hydraulic squeeze or tamer to form a complete handling system
Complete free standing system available  
Cow Box
  • 15 different access doors to easily work
  • with the animal
  • Optional padding available
  • Ratchet-style latch on squeeze gate
Cow Box    

JK Reid Feeders


Round bale feeder with optional 8' x 8' trough
  • Reduces hay wastage
  • Works with any size of round bale
  • Grain can be fed from optional pan
  • Animals have easy access to feed

  • Can be used for hay or grain or both
  • Constructed of heavy gauge metal
  • Length - 8'; Width 30"
  • Optional Top Available
  • Different models available

  • 4' Trough, 600 lbs feed
  • 6' trough, 900 lbs feed
  • 8'trough, 1200 lbs feed

  • 1 foot long feeder, 4 lbs
  • 2 foot long feeder, 5 lbs
  • 3 foot long feeder, 7 lbs
  • Equipped with brackets to
    hang on a fence or gate

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • 6' diameter
Custom Made Designs Available
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