JK Reid Deluxe Chute

  • It has split side doors on each side for easy exit of the cow, or access to top line or under line of animal
  • Parallel squeeze moveable with easy lever, adjust from 10" width to 34" width
  • Removable boards for needling at neck
  • Slide gate at rear for easy catch of animal
  • Checker plate steel floor
  • Pictured with optional palpation unit

JK Reid Chute

JK Reid Manual Headgates

  • This heavy chute has solid sides
  • Conveniently styled to handle large cattle
  • Standard slide gate on back
  • Available with automatic or manual headgate

  • Built to Last!
  • Works with all sizes of cattle
  • Quick release, positive locking
  • Straight through exit

Formost Automatic Headgate

  • Our most popular adjustable headgate
  • Easy to operate
  • Fits most systems
  • Headtable available

Crowding Tub

  • Made with 2" high strength tubing with 60" high panels
  • A swing gate latches every 16"
  • Tub & Alley ways can be adapted to any situation & space constraint
  • Custom designs available

Semi Portable Working Area

  • A safe, versatile way of working with cattle
  • System is reversible for both right and left handed operation

Alley Sections

  • These solid-made alley sections come in either straight or adjustable models
** Both Alley Sections & Tubs are completely reversible so that either right or left hand assemblies are possible with the same components

JK Reid Funnel Feeder

  • Sturdy built 2" hi-tensile round tube
  • Easy access to bale for livestock, reducing hay loss
  • 8' diameter for all size bales, up to 6' x 6'
  • Ideal for haylage or dry hay

Tombstone & Slant Bar Feeder Sections

  • Superior strength & durability
  • Specially pre-engineered 2" round steel tubing
  • All round welded mitred construction
  • Top header bar for added strength & security
  • These feeder sections can be connected to form any size feeder

JK Reid Off the Ground Bale Feeder

  • 5’ x 6’ bales of hay can be fed out of basket type feeder
  • Grain can be fed from optional pan - ready for lumber
  • Animals have easy access to feed

Calf Creep

  • All steel construction for extra durability
  • Completely portable
  • Trough shape assures fresh feed
  • Adjustable feed control
  • Rain gutter protects feed
  • Cows cannot open feed lid
  • Three different trough lengths: 4’, 6’ 8’ double 8’
  • Custom made calf creeps available

Steer Feeder

  • All steel construction
  • Easily filled with blow spout on end of feeder OR
  • Slide lid on top
  • Feeder on skid or wheels for easy moving
  • Overall measurements: 8’ x 10’ x 8’ high
  • 5 tonne capacity

Top Lock Feeder Front

  • Automatically catch one or several animals at a time
  • Designed to fit on manger front
  • Adjustable width with one lock per 2’
  • Animals can be released all together or one at a time
  • 36" high

JK Reid Loading Chute/Ramp

  • Adjustable for stake or pickup trucks
  • Comes with rail sides or optional solid sides
  • Non-slip wooden cleat ramp
  • Easily moved with 3 point hitch
  • Measures 3’ x 10’

Gates & Panels

  • Pricing available on standard lengths & custom panels -- any height, length or number of bars
  • Proper contoured bends, mitred joints and all round welding maintain the integrity of the tube shape
  • Manufactured with a happy balance between quality, durability & price
  • Accessories include: Panel connecting rod, 1 1/4" round steel tube, 44" long. Slop Rod, 1" round steel tube 44" long
  • Steel Posts for concrete floors
  • Arch & Gates, designed with spring latch & connecting rod or arch only to accommodate 4’ & 6’ panels

Long Life Portable Pen Panels

Cattle Panels with hinges

  • 2" round 5 bar, 48" high
  • Designed the same top & bottom, enabling them to be flipped for extended life

  • 2" round 5 bar, 50" high
  • Smooth operating range of 270 degrees
  • Pre-punched center Z-bar for strong support
  • 3/4" threaded rod with nuts & washers

Portable Cattle Pen Panels

Portable Calf Creep Panels

  • 2" round 5 bar, 54 " high
  • Made specifically for catching corrals, catching chutes, runs or raceways

  • 2" round, 54" high
  • Lower or heighten head bar to restrict the size of calves that have access to feed
  • Special lengths available upon request

Cow Life Cattle Rub

  • Proven on millions of cattle
  • Simply hang the 10' rub and pour on about 2 gallon of insecticide solution - the rub does the rest of the work
  • Many report treating the rubs less than once a month
  • Cow-life Cattle Rubs have provided truly outstanding fly and lice control and pinkeye protection for literally millions of cattle all over the world!

Fly Bullets

  • Extremely effective like the rubs
  • Fly Bullets are made of tough polyester and acrylic
  • Rot proof

Face Flyps

  • Directly puts insecticides where they're needed...on the face
  • Flyps wick solution directly from the rub, giving effective pinkeye protection and face fly control
  • Each pack contains 22 Flyps which easily attach to the rub

Rocky Mineral Feeder

  • A new and improved weighted bottom that keeps "Rocky" standing upright no matter how much it’s pushed or shoved
  • Tough polyethylene construction means "Rocky" has a longer life and is maintenance free.
  • Best performance in providing free choice mineral
  • Never wastes a drop
  • One year warranty
  • Mineral is kept dry with "Rocky" special design
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