Vehicle Guard Gate

  • The JK Reid Vehicle Guard Gate is made of 2" round steel tubing with durable, heavy sleeve hinges. 3/4" threaded rod is equipped with 2 nuts and washers.
  • Latch plate is punched to accommodate both ends of optional 3/16" chain.
  • Double gates have a centre latch for locking device.
  • Standard lengths and custom orders are available.
  • Galvanized vehicle guard gates are another option popular with parks.
  • Some of the end uses for the gates include: parks; playgrounds; parking lots;
  • recreational areas; gravel pits; landfill sites; new and used car lots; and residential, commercial and industrial driveway entrances.

Trail Gates

  • Great for walk or bicycle trails.
  • Different lengths available with locking devices.
  • Can be painted or galvanized. Standard bright orange for visibility

Picnic Table Legs

  • The JK Reid tables are made strong for many years of service
  • Picnic table legs come with optional bolt and brace packages for easy assembly
  • Tables are lightweight for portability.
  • Predrilled lumber (not included) is bolted individually, making it easy to replace damaged boards.
  • Tables are compact for ease of shipping.
  • Legs are painted (blue, brown, green, black) or galvanized.
  • Made of 2" round high tensile tubing.
  • Recommended material: 5 2x6" boards for top, 2 2x8" boards for seat, 18 3/8"x2" Carriage bolts
Also available:
  • Park benches
  • Children’s size picnic tables
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